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January 1 New Year's Day
The largest and one of the most celebrated holiday in Moldova. Fir trees are decorated inside homes. Children come door to door sing carols and are given candies or some money. Some allow Moldovan Santa Claus to come at midnight to deliver presents to children (and adults) while others wait for Santa to come on Orthodox Christmas Eve.

January 7 Orthodox Christmas

March 8 International Women's Day
Flowers and small gifts (candy, perfume) are given to all women including little girls.

March (all the month) Martisor (Spring festival)
Many special concerts and cultural events are held during Martisor. Martisor has small pins or pendants of red and white colour It is exchanged as a sign of nature revival and pinned on the outside of a shirt or coat, on the left side, over your heart.

Time changes Orthodox Easter. (Orthodox Calendar)
It is marked next Monday after Easter. Memorial Easter
Families bring flowers to family grave sites.

May 1. Labour Day

May 9 Victory & Commemoration Day
Celebrates the end of World War II.

August 27 Independence Day
Celebrates Moldova's independence in 1991.

August 31 Our Language Day
Plays, poetry readings and other events celebrating the Romanian language

Special events attended with pleasure by foreign tourists

National day of Wine- Wine Festival is held under the patronage of the RM president, Mr. Vladimir Voronin in second Sunday of October. It aims revival and promotion of wine making branch from the country. The event is an excellent opportunity to maintain the prestige of Moldovan wines and to attract foreign tourists to Moldova.

Maria Biesu Invites this is a week of opera and ballet where participate guests from all over the world.

Martisor musical festival is held every year in Moldova from March the 1st to 10th. Members of amateur groups and professional performers from abroad are invited to participate at the festival.